Malick & Co bookkeeping service.

Cloud Accounting

Choose Xero to make your bookkeeping a breeze.


VAT Submitted every quarter without delay and calculated accurately.


We’ve been accountants for over 30 years and our specialist knowledge will save you tax the right way.

Accurate bookkeeping to save you valuable time and money every quarter.

We look after all aspects of your bookkeeping, all communication with HMRC and keep you within any new regulations concerning VAT.

Bookkeeping requires accurate data input, record keeping and maintenance – our accurate bookkeeping service keeps you ahead of HMRC. Save your time and money and simply drop your records off with us, we’ll do the rest.

We can also train you in software applications to perform part of your own bookkeeping saving you even more time!

VAT can be quite a daunting task to begin with, and we’ll help you take the correct route when deciding when to register for VAT as well as non-VAT clients bookkeeping procedures.

If you need help with any aspect of bookkeeping, maintaining your records, or have a general query regarding VAT, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


  • Xero Cloud Bookkeeping and Accounting Ready
  • Registration for VAT and VAT schemes dealing with all the necessary paperwork
  • Ensuring returns are accurate and made on time.
  • Checking of assessment and penalties in case of HMRC reviews and
  • Correspondence on your behalf
  • Detailed explanations of complex VAT issues of VAT EU refunds
  • Support and advice on Customs/Excise duties including product classification
  • Duty reclaims and import / export procedures

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